LEAD Scrap

  • Lead Cable Stripping


  • Nickel Cr-Ni Pipes

  • Nickel Hi-Ni   High Nickel Alloys

  • Nickel Monel

  • Nickel-chromium (Ni-Cr)

  • Nickel Unprocessed

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Our Products

Our products are based on the smelting of scrap metal in all its stages according to the latest international standards to come out with a new product used in many different industries and applications. Our products include the following:


  • Copper Berry

  • Copper Birch

  • Copper Birch Cliff

  • Copper Black Berry

  • Copper Cables

  • Copper Candy

  • Copper MillBerry

  • Copper Shiny MillBerry

  • Copper Tele Birch


  • Aluminum Punching Clipping

  • Aluminum Radiators

  • Aluminium Scrap Taint Tabor 

  • Aluminum Scrap Talk

  • Aluminum T along

  • Aluminum Scrap Talon

  • Aluminum Talon (self Bundled)

  • Aluminum Telic

  • Aluminum Tense Scrap

  • Aluminum Turnings

  • Aluminum UBC Scrap

  • Aluminum Utensils

  • Aluminum Profile


  • Brass Ebony Scrap 

  • Brass Honey Scrap

  • Brass Ocean Scrap

  • Brass Shell


  • Zinc alloys


  • Stainless Steel Loose

  • Stainless Steel - Mill Reject

  • BG Stainless Steel